Many have the idea that they can use certain tricks to increase their chances of winning at slot machines. To get straight to the point: here the wish is the father of the thought. Because with slot machines, the principle applies: a small part of the bet is gone in the long run. So if you invest €1 in a slot, you will get back €0.97 or sometimes even less on average. In gaming libraries and offline casinos even a lot less than in a good internet casino. There are simply such high taxes to be paid to the state and the operator that the bottom line is that there is hardly anything left for the player. But the question you can ask yourself is this: is it possible to increase your long-term profit on online slot machines? And the answer is definitely: Yes! But it’s not like you can suddenly turn a slot machine into some kind of money machine that only spits out money.

But first of all you have to lay the groundwork with the right casino. If you want to get as much out of this as possible, you must not play in a gambling hall, but only on the Internet and preferably in the largest possible casinos where you know that winnings will also be paid out. Assuming there is a reasonable probability that you won’t be paid out if you win, then you have to take that into account and that of course pushes their expected value down. It is also advisable not to go to a casino where you know that there are high fees due to the software provider. This is mainly Novoline and Merkur, both of which produce very good and popular slot machines, but also charge a lot if you want to offer them. The choice would then not fall on Stargames or Sunmaker but rather on LeoVegas or Slotsmillion. And especially the LeoVegas Casino with its large selection of slot machines is very well suited here and a good basis for getting the most out of the machines. Especially because there are currently 20 free spins with no strings attached and you can start right away with your computer or smartphone!

The most important slot machines tips and tricks 2022

important slot machines

The strangest tips and tricks are circulating online and most of them are a complete waste of time. Some want to tell you something about how you can make a lot of money with simple tricks. Just ignore that and ask yourself this: how could casinos survive if it was possible to make money with simple tricks on the machines? Gone are the days when you could tamper with slot machines, online it’s never possible anyway. Just save it and don’t believe any trick that is advertised to you anonymously by anyone.

But now to the actual tricks. It’s about increasing your average win expectancy. In a casino game, it is usually negative, which is why they say the house always wins. This is actually not correct, because the bank does not always win, but makes a profit in the long term. Anything can happen in the short term and you can rake in the big wins.

First of all, you need a good bonus – never play without one! The good thing about the machines compared to the other games is that you can always clear a deposit bonus 100% on the machines. Then you always get a small part back.

You should also watch out for jackpots. With progressive jackpots, it’s even possible that they get so big that you have a positive expectation of winnings. This is of course a dream – even if you need a lot of luck to actually win.

You can also do something wrong when using it yourself. Especially when you go jackpot hunting you have to pay attention to the minimum bet. You absolutely have to fulfill it in order to play for the big pot. Otherwise this game will be relatively expensive without you being able to win more.

What is partly not unimportant or has to be considered especially with older offline slot machines: the higher the stake, the higher the RTP. The so-called penny slots where you can really bet with the smallest amounts typically had a lower RTP. It’s also clear somewhere when you run an offline casino: imagine you have such high expenses for a slot machine and let people play with 1 cent and 98% RTP. As a casino you make a few cents an hour on average. Probably not even enough to cover the electricity costs. Hence this law and in a live casino you should definitely be aware of it. It is the case that you should play the higher slots but with the lowest stake there. So 1€ at a machine from 1€ to 20€ is better than 1€ at a machine with 0.1-1€. However, this is becoming less and less important today and these laws no longer apply online.

Unfortunately, these were already the most important tricks you have to pay attention to. There’s really nothing more to say, because all other tricks are only meant to lure unsuspecting people who believe and lose. Especially if someone promises you that you can earn a lot of money without risk and in a short time, you should definitely keep your hands off it. And if you want to try any strategy, at least play for free without making a deposit and don’t risk a dollar yourself. These tricks don’t work and they always have. It doesn’t matter whether it’s 2001, 2010 or 2019.

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